Expedition #8

Expedition 8

3,350 Editions | Crypto.com/NFT | May 3rd, 2022


The goal of expedition #8 is to explore Durken Forest to study the annual Blooming of the Psilofish. Jesse Smith led a massive collab project bringing together 13 different artists with their own take on a critter living in this forest each with their own unique story and way to adapt in this ever-evolving forest. This magical phenomenon attracts creatures from all over the island, and with the time-sensitive nature of this task, we need your help to document them all. So get ready, because a trip through Durken Forest will put your skills to the test.


In 2014, during the third official expedition to Carkayous, Jesse and his friends traveled to the Durken Forest, just northeast of Killick Falls Lagoon. From the outside, the forest looks rather plain, but as we all know, looks can be deceiving. The inside of the forest is a dark and hostile place, with danger around every corner. It takes a specific type of person to survive in an environment like this, and while Jesse's initial trip was cut short, he is ready to go back and face the forest head-on.

This time, Jesse plans to visit during the annual Blooming of the Psilofish. Each spring, creatures from all over the island gather around Larken Lake to witness these mushroom-like Psilofish reach maturity and transform into jellyfish that glow and float around the forest. These magical creatures play a vital role in the ecosystem and live for about a month until they die off or get eaten by the various creatures that inhabit Durken Forest. If Jesse’s research is correct, this event has a calming effect on the forest, allowing species to coexist peacefully, making spring the ideal time to visit.



Collect 5 critters within a &quote;mini-composition&quote; to be eligible to receive a free tattoo by an artist of their choice (Subject to availability of artist) with Flight and Hotel included. The more &quote;mini-compositions&quote; collected, the more entries you will have. We will randomly pick 5 winners by TBD. Please read Terms and Conditions here. You also have the ability to burn the 5 creatures in exchange for an airdrop of the mini-comp that has all 5 creatures.

mini-composition 1

mini-composition 2

mini-composition 3

CompositionArtistCritter NameEditions
Mini 1Jesse SmithFive Eyed Flickler150
Mini 1Dominic LessardTimmy the Turtle150
Mini 1Josh WoodsSpeedy the Silent Sloth200
Mini 1Thom BulmanThe Mighty Pee Wee200
Mini 1Leonardo SocorroAggro Bat200
Mini 2Jesse SmithLil Tent100
Mini 2Merv HeinerFranklin the Kinda-Flying Squirrel200
Mini 2Hombre ArrugadoSparky the Flying Piranha300
Mini 2Steve ComptonOllie the Awwwter300
Mini 2Scott OliveBarry the Bat300
Mini 3Daf VadorNorbert150
Mini 3Jesse SmithSix Eyed Psycholla Fish200
Mini 3Dave KoenigThe Witch Owl300
Mini 3Willy MartinGroll300
Mini 3Adam AquasWarrengaurd300

All explorers who manage to document all 15 critters will receive an 18”x24”, high quality, Stretched canvas print. You also have the ability to burn the 15 creatures or 3 mini-comps in exchange for an airdrop of the full comp that has all 15 creatures as shown below.

full composition


We want to reward early explorers by giving away acorn airdrops that gives discount for future expeditions. Golden and Platinum acorns will ONLY be available for this expedition. Snapshots occur roughly a week before the next expedition, this simply means this is the date + time we will check when we give the reward in the future (essentially a due date).

Acorn TypeFeaturesHow to Get
Platinum AcornGives 20 Bronze Acorns at every snapshotCollect Full Comp
Golden AcornGives 10 Bronze Acorns at every snapshotCollect Mini Comp
Silver AcornBurn: $15 off future mint
Dont Burn: +$15 value at every snapshot
Receive 1 for each NFT owned by snapshot
Bronze AcornBurn: $15 off future mintGiven by Platinum or Golden Acorn

Example: If you have a Silver Acorn from Expedition 8 and you don't burn it for 3 expeditions - the rebate value increase from $15 to $60 on the following expedition.


Collecting each creature in this adventure will allow you to interact with it on our website - filling in the digital composition when you connect your wallet.


All owners of a Carkayous NFT will obtain free access to any event that Jesse Smith hosts. Most notably the Richmond Tattoo, Art and Music festival. We also have plans to host additional live events (NFT focused) during future NFT weeks in which explorers will receive free admission.


The story of Carkayous doesn't stop with Expedition 8. This is just the beginning. Jesse has been creating Carkayous since 2009 and has a TON characters and content that he's ready to share with everyone. As of right now we have 8 projects ready to go and will be rolling them out rather quickly over the next year. All Carkayous holders will gain certain advantages on these upcoming drops. One of which will be free airdrops. You will definitely want to be one of the first collectors.


We will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Giving Arts Foundation which brings awareness to ocean and environmental conservation.

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